• Cheers!
    Received my items in good condition. Got them at a very good deal ! I'll continue to shop with iQueenmy! Cheers!
    nana, 25 October
    AWESOME! My parcel arrived very fast and the goods are in perfect condition. As this is my first time ordering from iQueen.my, I found that the ordering process was very simple and satisfying. Loving iQueen.my even more now
    su hui82, 24 October
  • Satisfied!
    Got my iQueen package just a day after i purchased it! So efficient! Satisfied with my purchase and thanks for the free gifts iQueen! Will recommend you to my friends and family :)
    Pei Qi, 21 October
  • My haul from iQueenmy
    My haul from iQueenmy. Love how well everything was packaged: bubblewrap and all. Everything came in tip top condition; can't wait to use em!
    YiFei, 19 October
  • 共下单了4次!
    购买的很很很优惠又划算的面膜..共下单了4次..不买白不买..把钱花光才甘愿! 哈哈
    chery, 18 October
  • Thanks iQueen
    Thanks iQueen ♛ to give first-aid treatment for my dry skin. Love it !!
    hueiling, 13 October
  • First Time purchase, GOOD!
    First time shop at iqueen...amazing promotion and very good service reply all the answer that i asked!
    jenny, 11 October
  • thanks iqueen.my
    安全收到而且有精緻的禮物盒 裡面還有附送許多面膜保濕品 太棒了
    kiki, 10 October
  • 丰盛的收获啊~
    一直以来都很关注iqueen网站里面所卖的产品。其中包括 lovemore芦荟丝瓜缠丝面膜,广源良丝瓜凝敷露,还有最近最超火红的Mirae8分未来面膜
    APPLE, 10 October
  • 我的最爱!
    已經忘了這是第几次在iQueen.my購物╮(╯◇╰)╭多得都忘了⊙▽⊙ 哈哈!
    Apple Tey, 23 September