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Estimated Shipping Date : 18/09/2018

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[Contents] – 41.5mm x 34.5mm x 155.5mm (L x W x H)/ unit

[Special Features] – Mirae Thermal Sonic Facial Brush is designed with unique silicone “finger” brush surface. The touch-points are ultra-flexible to glide across skin without overstretching it and ultra-long to reach areas that are typically hard to cleanse. 300 pcs of dermatologists recommended silicone micro-fingers and two different type of treatment are designed. It is good for deep cleansing and skin care treatment. 

[Material] – ABS, Silicone

[Power supply] – USB rechargeable   

[Direction to use] – Deep pore cleansing of the skin and brings skins impurities to the surface

1. Rub a small amount of cleansing cream onto palm, add a little bit of water and rub gently to make some smooth bubbles.

2. Press the On/Off switch to switch on the warm light mode. (40 warm setting massage)

3. Clean your face about 2 minutes. 

4. Press the On/Off switch once again to change to the daylight mode (different repeatable spinning speed massage without warm setting)

5. Deep cleansing T-zone about 1 minute.

6. Rinse your face and machine with water.

[Direction to use] – Enhancement and absorption of skin care

1. Apply some skin care products on your face.

2. Press the On/Off switch to switch on the warm light mode.

3. By using the other side of the machine, massage your face from lower to upper and inside out. 

[Origin] - Taiwan

[Cautions] -

1. Avoid from sunlight. 

2. For external use only. Please keep out of reach of children. 

3. Do not use on injured or rash skin.

4. After using the product, if irritation or rash appears, discontinue use. If irritation or rash persists, consult doctor.

5. Please handle with care.

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