K-MOM Zero Dust Fabric Detergent (Soap) 1000ml





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[Contents] - 1000ml/pc

[Main Functions] Removes heavy metals (lead, cadmium, etc.) from fine dust attached to clothing to eliminate the causes of skin irritation and respiratory irritation remaining in clothes. Minimizes baby’s skin irritation by using only naturally derived vegetable safe material without using harmful allergic ingredients and relieving skin stress.

[Main Ingredients]Surfactants less than 15%-30% (advanced alcohol-based ions, straight chain alkyl benzene series anion), baking soda, scent (soup scent), food preservative, pH modulator, formulation topic.

[Cleansing Method]

1. For 3KG washing capacity, add 30ml laundry detergent for general washing and 20ml laundry detergent for drum washing.

2. For 7KG washing capacity, add 50ml laundry detergent for general washing and 30ml drum washing.

3. For 10KG washing capacity, add 70ml laundry detergent for general washing and 50ml for drum washing.

[Origin] - Korea

[Cautions] -

1. Keep out of the reach of children.

2. Do not drink. If drunk, vomit. If it gets into eyes, rinse with running water and consult with a specialist.

3. Do not use for any purpose other than labeled.

4. Avoid direct sunlight, high temperature, or low temperature.

5. It is sufficient to use the standard amount. Follow the precautions and manual.

6. Do not mix with other products.

7. If split on the floor, there is a risk of slipping. Be careful and wipe immediately.

8. Separate with softener and bleach. Do not mix with other detergents.

9. Use well in water, be careful that the detergent does not touch clothing directly.

10. Protect your skin by washing hands with water after washing dishes.

11. The color of the contents may change during circulation, but please use it with confidence because it changes the color due to the characteristics of the raw materials.

12. Plant-derived cleaning ingredients may be included and may cause sedimentation, but there is no impact on quality. Usage reassured.

13. Do not absorb.


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