K-MOM Zero Dust Bath tub & Multipropose Detergent (Fruity Floral) 400ml





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[Contents] - 400ml/pc

[Main Functions]Easy multi-cleaning, mild detergent ingredients for babies, remove dirt/old dirt/oil dirt easily by spraying water and fragrance lasts during cleaning.       

[Main Ingredients]Surfactants under 5% (advanced alcohol system (Anion, nonion), High amine type (non-ion)), metal blocker, preservative, fragrance and etc.

[Cleansing Method]

1. Return the spray injection inlet to the ON position before use.

2. Spray the area of the contaminated area with spray. (Clean contaminated areas and wipe them after 2-3 minutes.

3. Wipe it with a brush or scrubber after it is sprayed.

4. Rinse with clean water.

[Origin] - Korea

[Cautions] -

1. Keep out of the reach of children.

2. Do not drink. If drunk, vomit it. If it gets into eyes, rinse with running water and consult with a specialist.

3. Do not use for any purpose other than labeled.

4. Avoid direct sunlight, high temperature, or low temperature.

5. It is sufficient to use the standard amount. Follow the precautions and manual.

6. Do not mix with other products.

7. If split on the floor, there is a risk of slipping. Be careful and wipe immediately.

8. It is recommended to wear rubber gloves when using this product.

9. Please note that spraying from above the snow may get into your eyes.

10. Be careful not to drop the liquid if it is left over.

11. Please use in areas where there is a risk of discoloration, such as in areas where there is a risk of discoloration.

12. The color of the contents may change during distribution, but use it without worry. The color change is due to natural products.


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