Edison Pororo Self Spoon & Fork Case Set





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[Contents] - Spoon 24cm x 12.3cm, Fork 2.4cm x 12.6cm , Case 7cm x 14.2cm

[Main Functions] - Cute cartoon design, convenient, easy to use. Baby learn happily, easy to master the technique to hold the tableware

[Material] - High heat resistant ABS (spoon fork) PP (case)

[Suitable age] - Child with 1-3 years old and above

[Cleansing Method] - Use child cleansing solution,cannot boil with water, sterilize in high temperature, and place into microwave! (Temperature resistance not more than 80℃)Clean the plastic part with warm water and dish wash, please do not use high temperature to sterilize such as using microwave, boiling with water and so on!

[Origin] - Korea

[Cautions] -

Do not use it other than the original purpose   Please use it under the supervision of the guardian.

Do not put your hand aor tongue between the forks  Please be careful not to get your child to drink

Avoid fire and do not apply shock    If the product is damaged, please replace it immediately

Please clean before reuse     Make sure use a soft sponge when cleaning

(Do not use coarse scrubbing) Please keep dry after washing Disinfect with hot boil/ Do not use with dishwasher/ Microwave

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