Pure Smile Uruhada 3D Fit Silicon Mask 1s





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[Contents] – 24 X 17.5cm 42g(Total weight package included)

[Function] - This silicon made material mask designed for facial anti-ageing care. You can use this mask over your favorite facial moisturizing sheet/mask and or directly on skin. Pure Smile silicon facial mask help support skin beauty ingredients absorption using its silicone material and support sweating.

1.3D fit soft silicon material.

2.2way usage over facial sheet/mask or directly on skin.


4.Ear-hook structure.
[Main Ingredients] – Silicon skin-friendly materials

[Suitable Skin Type] – Suitable for all skin types.
[Directions to use] –

1. Put on your usual disposable sheet mask.

2. Apply Uruhada Fit 3D Silicon Mask onto face, first adhering it to the eye area, then the forehead, then outwards towards mouth and nose.

3. Place ear hooks over ears to hold mask in place.

4. Leave on for length of time recommended by manufacturer of disposable sheet mask.

5. Remove mask after 10-20 minutes.
[Origin] – China, Japan.
[Caution] -

  1. This item is for adults usage.
  2. Should not use during sleeping hours.
  3. Please manage it gently.
  4. Overuse is not recommended.
  5. Should not use if allergic to materials listed above.
  6. Should not use if skin has eruption, cut, eczema or similar issues.
  7. After usage if you have skin-itch, irritation please discontinue usage and consult skin specialist.
  8. If the product does not fit you please discontinue usage.
  9. Do not clean with steel wool or scouring powder, and do not place near fire.
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