Konayuki Powder Snow Collagen 100g





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Health and beauty are based on food. We wanted to make the collagen really good for 
your body and can be taken  continuously. 

We've been to South Kyusyu, Kagoshima, looking for high quality 
collagen to be felt the effect on your skin. Duration of sunshine in Kagoshima is long, and rich nature is around there. Therefore, there is blessed with good quality water and food. 

Having looked for nutrition which is easily fit for human body, we found the pig collagen 
similar to human's, especially it in Kagoshima where stock raising is prosperous and 
high quality pigs are grown.

The first pressing, the highest rank of collagen.
As pure collagen, the degree of purity is high enough to be inside of the human body.
It is used for medical purposes. Also used as dissolvable stitches inside of the body.

KONAYUKI Collagen is 100% pure collagen made from the natural 
pig got rid of all carbohydrate and fat. Safe for overweight or dieting people. 

We made additive-free, color-free, fragrance-free, 100% pure and 
high quality collagen come true.

As it made be low-molecular by using the technology of hydrolysis, the coefficient of 
water absorption became higher. 

Also, it contains good quality amino acid. The molar weight of collagen is usually 
about 300,000, whereas the molar weight of the collagen

peptide is from several hundreds to tens of thousands. That would be ? effective to 
the absorbency power and the water-holding

ability of the collagen peptide which is said to be several times more 
than those of the normal collagen.

Is the things by eating really good for skin? Skin care by drinking is said to be hard to feel its effect. 
Many people have such recognition, though, "KONAYUKI Collagen" has been had many customers' voice
saying they can feel it. Also has received high commendation as 
"Cheaper than the drinks or other products to take the same ingredient amount" 
"dissolve easily" "The taste is simple and bland" among other collagen products.
Although skin's condition won't change suddenly soon after you take it, there are many customers
feel the effect as they keep taking daily. Of course feeling are different with each person, 
so please consider it seeing Rakuten Review. 

We are confident that our product is really good,that's why we release every good or bad reviews.

The ranking list of collagen
KONAYUKI Collagen : First pressing

As pure collagen, the degree of purity is high enough to be inside of the human body. It is used for medical purposes. Also used as dissolvable stitches inside of the body.

Second pressing
Third pressing

High-class food. The collagen which is used for the cooking made by famous top chefs.

Fourth pressing ? Fifth pressing
It is said that Many of cosmetics and gelatin sold generally are on this rank.

Faddy eating and poor sleep lead your makeup doesn't stay on.

Being busy, we can't help eating fast food or boxed meals sold at convenience stores. Don't you have such an experience that the only vegetable you took in a day was pickle on a hamburger? Kept faddy eating made your makeup didn't stay on, or got poor skin with a lot of pimples...everybody might have such experiences. Actually, the influence of "eating habit" on the body is big.

It is said to be ideal to have 30items of food in a day. Balanced nutrition and healthy normal body fix skin condition naturally, however, in fact, it is difficult to take adequate nutrition in daily meals.

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