Angfa Pure Free Eyelash Serum (Normal Type)





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Perfect for those of who have thin eyelashes, whose eyelashes are losing their body or fall out easily,
and who use an eyelash curler,fake eyelashes, or eyelash extensions!!

Scalp D Beaute Pure Free Eyelash is the No. 1 sold eyelash serum in Japan.
It has won the first place of the @Cosme Best Cosmetics Awards three years in a row, and was inducted
to the hall of fame in 2015.   

We made an up-close approach to the three facts born out from a 14-year hair study, which makes
the product super popular in Japan. 

1. Working effectively on the grown-up’s hair growing cycle, it will bring body and beauty to your eyelashes.
Focused on the fact that the eyelash
growing cycle is affected by aging just like hair of head is, it will help firm eyelashes to
grow from the roots with the serum ingredients added considering aging from the view of preventive medicine. 

2.  It will keep all the eyelashes that are growing now and have grown. Widelash is an
ingredient of the new approach that maintainsstrengthened eyelashes
as well as strengthening eyelashes.

3.The pure and free prescription for the eye area. Since it is for the eye area that is sensitive,
we definitely avoided using seven ingredients of silicone, oil, alcohol, preservatives, artificial fragrance,
artificial colorings, and surfactant. Allergy tested and safe for sensitive skin and pregnant ladies.

Gentle on the skin and employed with the flocky tip for easy application from the root. You can use it over
eyelash extensions as well.

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