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[Contents] –  250ml/ bottle

[Main Function] –   Timeless Beauty cucumber gel is breaking the traditional concept of skin care products , through the use of science and technology vitamin substance concentrate cucumber extract , and has superior absorption the cucumber water molecules could directly go to the deeper layer of skin by cucumber contains . Timeless Beauty cucumber gel only used cucumber from Jeju to be the only natural material. Cucumber extract content of up to 98% , super absorbent and perfectly being absorbed by the skin , with deep moisturizing, whitening moisturizer , shrink pores, get rid of fine lines , anti-inflammatory effect of sedation and other 9 efficacy

[Main Ingredients]

[Suitable Skin Type] –  All Skin Types

[Directions to use] –  After face cleansing , apply evenly on face and gently pat . After shower apply evenly on whole body.

[Shelf time] – 2 Years

[Origin] – Korea

[Caution] –Place  under the shade and avoid direct sunlight. Keep out of reach of children to avoid product consume by children.  If skin irritation or rash occurs , stop immediately and consult a doctor. Do not use it on wounded/ affected skin. Please perform allergy/sensitive test before use. If there is any abnormal, itching, redness or swelling do not apply this product. If contacts with eyes please rinse it with plenty of water. Do not reuse used mask.

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