Oseque Oxygen Mask Cyber Shine 120ml





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[Contents] –  120ml/ Bottle

[Main Function] –  Hot - 2015 popularity, new concept products: make up remover + deep cleansing + remove  cuticle / exfoliate+ moisturizing + pores Management + whitening + mask in one of the new oxygen cleansing mask. For each cleansing, is also equal as have done a facial mask deep clean the skin, but is still hydrating skin,  highly moisture  and it does not contain alcohol, artificial colorings, mineral oil, essence, foaming agent, hormone, lead, Hong 8 kinds of skin harmful ingredients to reduce the stimulation to the skin . A cleasing prodcut without any addition.

[Main Ingredients] –

[Suitable Skin Type] –  All Skin Types

[Directions to use] –  Without removing make up and you hand must be dry (Both face and hand must be dry) get a sufficient amount then apply all over the face, immediately the bubble will form, and the bubble will burst. when the bubble finished bursting massage for 1 minute, then rinse it with water.

[Shelf time] – 3 Years

[Origin] – Korea

[Caution] –

Place  under the shade and avoid direct sunlight.

Keep out of reach of children to avoid product consume by children. 

If skin irritation or rash occurs , stop immediately and consult a doctor.

Do not use it on wounded/ affected skin.

Please perform allergy/sensitive test before use. If there is any abnormal, itching, redness or swelling do not apply this product.

If contacts with eyes please rinse it with plenty of water

Finished the product as soon as possible and after open to ensure the quality of product

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