K-MOM All Natural Baking Soda 500g





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[Contents] - 500g/bottle

[Main Functions] - To clean vegetables, fruits, tableware, cooking utensils, kitchen and to aid laundry

[Main Ingredients] - Sodium hydrogen carbonate

[Standard Usage] - 10g per 1L of water

 [How to use] -

Pour warm water into a container, add about 1 spoon of baking soda, and apply to a damp sponge or a scrubbing brush (refer to the contents above)

 [Origin] - Korea

[Shelf Life] - 3 years

[Cautions] -

1. Not edible or considered a medicinal product. DO NOT EAT in any quantity

2. Keep out of direct light or extremely high or low temperature and store in a cool and dry place

3. Keep away from children

4. See a doctor if it gets into your eyes

5. Do not use this product in any way other than its original purpose

6. After use, rinse vegetables and fruits for 30 seconds and tableware for 5 seconds under running water. If you choose to wash with water collected in a bowl, change the water more than 2 times.

7. Do not wash clothes that are required to be cleaned with a neutral detergent.

8. This product may remove polish from stainless products; make sure to test before use.

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