Funcare burner Digital Tens (Super-burner) Set





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[Contents] –  1.Funcare burner Digital Tens (Super-burner)

Model: HT329LC-R  

body: 115 × 62 × 26mm, 2 year warranty  

Accessories: Take Qi specification, 9v battery 1, the adhesive patch 4, the differences conductive lines 2, admission package


2. double waist belt

Body: length 64X width 19 cm

Accessories: an elastic band (length 50X width 6 cm) a

Usage: to be with the low-frequency treatment device used with the kit body with the skin is completely flat against the need, please also tightening elastic band for optimal conduction effect.

Origin: Taiwan

[Function] – Lightweight to reduce the burden, light tangible to help your body to use, so you reduce the burden, easily moving.

 [Directions to use] – Please refer to the packaging

[origin] – Taiwan
[Caution]-  1. Keep the skin clean before using, in order to facilitate optimal conduction effect

2. Avoid to use on sensitive skin, eczema, and wound.

3. After use, if the issues of personal factors produce skin redness, irritation, itching and other anomalies, please stop using it immediately and consult a dermatologist.

4. The jelly-like conductive film is a moving consumables, so please purchase new replacement if needed.

5. Although the fitting durable materials, when used improperly or conduction region, when it does not work, the entire set of recommendations should deprecated.

6. Do not clean this accessory, avoid carbon fiber, tourmaline damage, it would affect the results.

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