Funcare Hello Kitty Mini Aching Muscles Massager





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[Contents] –2 x conductive pads (including adhesive patch)

2 x protective films

1 x 3V battery

1 x simple user guide

1 x warranty card

1 x main unit user instruction card

1 x acupuncture points diagram

1 x conductive cable

1 x storage box

[Function] –Effectively alleviates common body aches. You will feel reinvigorated by reducing stress and fatigue through shoulder, waist and leg massages.

  • Cute, compact, lightweight, portable, can be used anywhere, any time.
  • Soft conductive pad: adheres to the contours of different parts of the body to ensure that it will not fall off.
  • The main unit and the pads can be separated via the button-type design so that it can be used wired or wireless.
  • Intelligent power-off design: 30-minute timer program and automatic power-off design.
  • 10 built-in automatic massage programs.
  • Each program consists of more than 70 massage techniques such as tapping, kneading, rubbing or grasping etc.
  • 15 intensity levels to reduce the burden on your body.

[Features] –Model: HT329L2-KT3

Power source, voltage: 1 x CR2025 3V Li-Ion battery

Stimulation pattern: Different combinations are available depending on the output program.

Intensity mode: 15 levels.

Automatic power off: 30 minutes ±10%.

Operating temperature: 5~40? Output program switch: P1?P10

Output current: MAX90mA±20%

[origin]- Taiwan

1. Please do not use the conductive pads on sensitive areas such as the heart, head, mouth and groin.

2. Please do not attach the conductive pads to regions close to the carotid artery or wounds.

3. Please avoid the use of this device on pregnant women, individuals with skin disorders, malignant tumors, heart pacemakers, cerebromalacia, acute bacterial infections, fresh wounds (within 72 hours), sensory nerve or blood pressure abnormalities (above 180mm Hg) and fever (higher than 38?/100?).

4. The main unit should be stored in a dry location under room temperature. Any type of impact to the device should be avoided.

5. Please consult a physician and follow the instructions when encountering problems regarding the use of this device. If you feel any discomfort or abnormal skin reaction, please stop using the product immediately.

6. Conductive pads are consumables, please replace with new pads as you deem necessary.

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