Cellina Creamy Bubble Facial Foam 120g





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[Contents] - 120g/bottle

[Main Functions] -

Water moisturizing - help to maintain proper skin moisture content, smooth and bright after use, soft and tender

Translucent whitening - remove dull and rough skin, restore skin smoothness and brightness, shows translucent and glorious look

Pores cleaning - mild skin, fresh and comfortable, fine particles into the pores, deep cleaning, fully purified pores

[Main Ingredients] -

Water moisturizing - hyaluronic acid moisturizing, APG plant cleaning formula Translucent Whitening - Tranexamic acid, arbutin, APG plant cleaning formula Pore cleaning - green tea extract, fine particles, APG plant cleaning formula

[Suitable Skin] - Normal skin

[Cleansing Method] - Get both hands and face into wet, take appropriate amount of the facial cleanser and rub with water to raise foam, clean the face with massage motion and then rise with water

[Shelf Life] - 3 years

[Origin]- Taiwan

[Cautions] -

1.Avoid from sunlight.

2.For external use only. Please keep out of reach of children.

3.Do not use on injured or rash skin.

4.After using the product, if irritation or rash appears, discontinue use. If irritation or rash persists, consult doctor.

5.Please finish up this product as soon as possible after the first opening to ensure the best quality.

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