Lovemore Loofah & Aloe Vera Hydrating Mask Sheet 5s





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[Contents] - 24ml/piece ; 5 piece/box

[Main Function] –Loofah water extract of aloe from Taiwan combined with natural silk mask, made intoin visible silk mask. Leave skin looks perfect!

[Main Ingredients] - Loofah hydrosol, organic aloe vera extract, deep ocean water, trehalose,  small molecule hyaluronic acid, collagen

[Suitable Skin Type] - Suitable for all skin types (Recommended for dry skin and also for those who wish to have supple and bright skin)

[Directions to use] - After cleansing, apply the mask sheet onto face. Remove the mask sheet after 15-20 minutes. Continue with the rest skincare steps, helps to lock in the nourishing ingredients into the skin.

[Shelf time] - 3 years
[Origin] - Taiwan
[Caution] –

1. If this product cause allergy symptoms due to personal physical, please discontinue use and seek advice from dermatologist.

2. Do not use on injured or rash skin.

3. Do not reuse the mask.

4. This product contains high unit of plant extracts, if yellowing due to natural oxidation or slightly precipitation, please feel at ease to use because it is a normal phenomenon.

5. Keep out of reach of children. Recommended to use 2-3 times a week for best result.

6. Store in dry, cool place.


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